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DayZine™ for Residences



Sometimes, a complete redesign is not necessary. Sometimes, a little change, here or there, is enough to transform a space and evoke a different feeling. And sometimes, small gestures mean the most.

My Dayzine™ instant luxury one-day makeover service is the perfect remedy to a design request that requires creativity, immediacy and sensitivity to budgets and time and for clients who want to work with existing furniture in their space.

By incorporating new custom curated accessories that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle, my design team exquisitely and efficiently reinvents the space. We use a simple four-step process to take an existing room from one look to another without an extensive investment from the client:

1) An initial consultation is conducted with clients at their home, commercial space or yacht. Clients then complete an in-depth design questionnaire that extracts their lifestyle, interests, needs and preferences for colors, materials, incorporation of family photos, collections, etc.

2) My team then creates a personalized Dayzine™ plan, which takes approximately two weeks, and includes items such as wall décor, rugs, window treatments, pillows, lamps and accessories.

3) Once the new design elements are approved, we move to the purchasing phase.

4) Lastly, my team performs a flawless design execution, taking four to six hours. The result is a completely customized and revitalized space at an affordable price, in just a day’s time.


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