Livable Luxury Design Philosophy - Frances Herrera

Livable Luxury Design Philosophy


When designing custom interiors for our clients our philosophy is to create spaces that are inviting, warm and most importantly livable. It makes no sense to have a beautiful home that cannot be enjoyed every day of the year. So when we select the elements for our designs, our focus is always on how the space will be used, who will be enjoying the space? What will it’s purpose be? How should it make people feel?  Those answers determine the overall design of a space that is comfortable and truly reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client. If it’s not livable it’s not luxury!

I’ve learned over the years is that in order to do a great job and have very satisfied clients, it is critical to dig deep and find the true essence of their personalities. Learning about their lifestyles, preferences and desires is the foundation of my process and how I truly connect with my clients.


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