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How to shop for fresh flowers that last

I have a weakness for fresh flowers, they add instant chic to any space and make a room come alive.

But, sadly, they tend to only last a handful of days before they get funky….so I’m sharing my newest discovery with you….Blooms by Heinau!

They are 100% natural fresh-cut blooms that last 6 months or longer. My husband recently sent me a gorgeous bouquet after a forwarded him an email I received from Heinau and suggested it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

They have been sitting at my desk now for a few weeks and I can honestly say for the first time, the pure and natural elegance of freshly cut flowers can be yours every day for up to a year, at a genuinely affordable price.  If you buy flowers on a regular basis for your home or business, we can cut your annual flower budget by as much as 75%, without sacrificing a single sensory indulgence.

There is nothing plastic, silk or artificial about them.  The secret is right at the farm, the blossoms are cut at the peak of their quality, the water and sap in the plant cells are replaced a proprietary certified non-toxic moisturizer leaving the petals as soft, supple and beautiful as they were before harvest.

Each preserved flower continues to absorb moisture from the air, prolonging their beauty.  They are maintenance-free and require absolutely no water.

Consider these beauties for your home or a gift, you will never be disappointed by wilting flowers again.


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