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How to recreate your spa getaway at home


Did you have a blissful time at the spa this Mother’s Day weekend?

Would you like to recreate that feeling more often…without leaving your home? Well you can, by following these simple tips you can feel like a queen all year long.

What immediately relaxes you when you walk into a spa is the fresh smell.

Spas use fragrant essential oils or aromatherapy to naturally enhance the benefits of massage and relaxation. For instance, lavender essential oil calms the mind and reduces anxiety, creating the perfect companion to a relaxing massage.

Use aromatherapy to recreate the spa atmosphere at home and grant yourself some time to relax. One of the simplest ways to feel the calming powers of aromatherapy is to add essential oil to your bath water. That’s why we’re giving you 5 steps to replicate a healing aromatherapy bath (or shower).

What you’ll need:
Bathtub or shower
Essential oils*
Olive oil
Firming face mask
Gentle washcloth
Tranquil music

Step 1: Aromatherapy
Draw a warm bath. While the water rises, combine 5-10 drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil (olive oil helps reduce the scent’s intensity) and pour into the bathtub. The refreshing scent will fill the air in a few short minutes.
When shopping for essential oils (you can usually find a variety at your local health food store) choose a scent you know you like and that helps you feel calm when you smell it. The most popular essential oils for relaxation include chamomile, lavender, rose, and sandalwood. If you don’t like the power in essential oils, you can also use bath bombs, bubble bath and other sources of fragrance.
No bathtub? Take an aromatherapy shower by adding 2-3 drops of aromatherapy oil to a gentle washcloth or wet sponge.

Step 2: Firming Mask
Add skincare to your at-home spa getaway with a firming face mask. Apply your favorite healthy skin mask evenly to your face, neck and chest, and let it work its magic while you relax. I recommend Murad®’s Age-Diffusing Firming Mask for its ability to tighten, firm and revive dehydrated skin as well as soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Leave the mask on for up to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Step 3: Tranquil Sounds
Before you step in, press play on your favorite relaxing music playlist. Try to avoid songs you already know even if the songs have a slow-pace. Familiar music tends to take you out of the moment and into a memory, which could potentially disrupt your zen. For relaxation, we recommend Spotify’s “Stress Relief” playlist or their “Afternoon Acoustic” playlist.

Step 4: Finishing Touches
The easiest way to ruin a relaxing bath is to cause unwanted stress right afterwards. Place a clean towel in an easy-to-reach spot, set a bathrobe and slippers or clothes laid out in a convenient part of the bathroom, and have a loofah and any other soaps available within arms reach. To ensure privacy and relaxation, shut the door and request that people keep out for the next 30 minutes or so.

Step 5: Relaxation
To get the most therapeutic benefits from a warm aromatherapy bath, the best length of time for soaking is 20 minutes. Give yourself this time to unwind. Think about everything you accomplished this week—both big and small tasks. Feel pride in yourself. You deserve this time off. Concentrate on your breathing and let go of your worries.


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