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How to get the most $$$ for your property

Are you and your family thinking about selling your property?

That’s great news!

While change can be intimidating for many, it generally is a catalyst for positive transformation and better things in life.

But to make sure you begin your new journey with the type of financial security you deserve, you need to make the most of your sale. Investing some time thinking about ways to highlight your current home’s best assets and downplay its weaknesses, will help you appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers and, ultimately, sell it at a better price.


Follow our top FIVE affordable staging secrets to make your home stand out from the rest.

1.  Number one rule – Eliminate any signs of clutter and personal possessions

Some might say a home without clutter and any signs of human life is an impersonal home.


What you should really be thinking is about leaving your property as if it was to be in the cover of Vogue Homes. Spotless, immaculate, clutter-free. No, you don’t have to erase yourself, simply box up temporarily any signs of your existence in the home. No toys, no family portraits, no papers, folders or anything that hinders the buyers’ ability to see themselves comfortably living in the home.

2. Fix up everything that needs fixing up

Remember that the first thing a buyer notices is the exterior of your home. So if there’s anything that needs repairing, do it now and it’ll pay later. If your property appears in any way run down or dilapidated, you can kiss your sale goodbye.

Does it need a paint job? Go for it. Do it yourself if necessary. Host a BBQ for friends and family and get them to help you with the paint job, both indoors and outdoors.

Does your outdoor living space need revamping? Then, revamp it. An attractive outdoor entertainment area can add up to 10% in your property value.

3. Trust the experts, aka Interior Designers

Stylish window and floor treatments can truly give your home a luxury look and feel.  Hang floor to ceiling curtains and oversized artwork in different rooms and spread area rugs throughout your property. They will all draw the attention of potential buyers and encourage them to visualize themselves in such an attractive environment.

4. Enhancing the lighting

Adding contemporary light fittings are wonderful and very affordable ways to make your home feel luxurious and bright – from dramatic and oversized light fittings and lamp shades to chandeliers, they will become elegant centerpieces in any room in your home, even your kitchen!

5. Don’t forget the epitome of lavishness

Accessories, will make your spaces come alive as well as make your marketing photos more appealing to prospective buyers searching the web. Add pillows, vases, trays in colors that complement your existing fabrics and patterns for a sophisticated look.

And don’t forget fresh flowers, candles and beautiful scents. Vanilla candles are considered to be the smell of luxury. So, dot a few candles around your home and your prospective buyers might start a bidding war!


If you are too busy or prefer to leave it up to the experts, give us a call. In just a few hours, we can increase your property value by thousands.

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