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Design Process

Frances Herrera Interior Design creates spaces that reflect the tastes, needs, preferences and personality of its owner. We work as a team with our clients to first learn about their personalities, style and passions and secondly their requirements, so when our work is done, the space is reflective of them, not us. Unlike other designers who stamp their projects with their signature or trademark, Frances Herrera only leaves behind a clean, modern, customized design that our client can own completely. It is, after all, their home.

For a full redesign of a home or space, Frances Herrera employs a four-step process that is comprehensive, in-depth, educational and transformational. It begins with the:

1. The Consultation:
The design consultation meetings are casual, fun and collaborative. We meet at the client’s home to assess the space and discuss the client’s needs, requirements and budget. We then suggest design ideas to enhance the space, which may include color palettes, furniture arrangement, décor style, and review space challenges, such as lack of function, storage, or lighting needs, and offer creative solutions.

2. The Design Exercise:
After the initial consultation, we further assess the client’s “design personality” through our Design Exercise, an in depth questionnaire designed to extract the client’s preferences, interests, style, and needs. This gives the Frances Herrera team a strong sense of the client’s likes, dislikes, and provides a starting point for creating a personalized design plan. Whether the client has small children or is a busy corporate executive, every aspect of his or her lifestyle is considered when creating a sophisticated, functional space.

3. The Design Plan:
After careful review of the Design Exercise, the design team puts together a custom design plan and presentation that includes:

1. 1-2 Floor plan options
2. Illustrations of what the completed room will look/feel like
3. Color photos of furniture, lighting, floor covering options
4. Swatches of fabric selections
5. Window treatment design
6. Paint chips and/or wall covering options
7. Wall décor and accessory options
The beautifully prepared design plan is the client’s to keep and reference and also includes a budget sheet that details exactly how the investment will be spent.
4. The Design Implementation:
Once the client approves the elements of the design plan, we move to the purchasing phase. The Frances Herrera team does all of the legwork. We will order all items, coordinate and oversee all deliveries and installations, as well as style and arrange all furnishings and accessories. Unlike other design firms, we don’t mark up anything, you simply pay the retail price.
For remodeling projects, we work closely with the best licensed and insured tradesmen in the industry and manage / oversee the entire renovation process.
The entire process, from the initial consultation to the design implementation phase, generally takes 12-16 weeks.


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